Not all countertops are created equal, and this is reflected in its price. Many things can influence the cost of a countertop, whether it's made from laminate, granite or quartz. Finish, edge profile, and the size of the countertop are examples of just some of the things that can increase the cost of your countertop. Below we have a list of our different countertop types and their respective pricing categories.

With Bronze being the least expensive and Exotic Plus being the most expensive there are many factors influencing the price of your granite countertop. One thing to keep in mind about the cost of granite; A granite top in the exotic plus category is not necessarily “better” than one in the bronze category and vice versa. The “hardness” of the granite is very similar in all categories and does not affect the price of your countertop. A major cost in granite is shipping the stone from quarries around the world. More often than not you will notice that the granite in the bronze category comes from quarries that are much closer to Winnipeg than those in the platinum, exotic and exotic plus categories. Other costs affecting granite pricing are rarity of the stone, edge profile type and the size of the countertop. To view pictures of the available colors click here.
Bronze Category
Academy Black
Bimini White
Crystal Gold
Kashmir White
Kenoran Sage
Lac Du Bonnet
Lake Superior Green
Lakota Crossing
Mesabi Black
Rockville White
Royal Auburn
Royal Mahogany
Royal Sable
Sierra White
Silver Pearl
Verde Butterfly
Silver Category
Baltic Brown
Café Imperial
Chestnut Brown
Coffee Brown
Colonial Gold
Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Ornamental
Imperial Gold
Juparana Royal
Juparana Santa Cecelia
Marron Castor
Santa Fe Brown
Sapphire Blue
Tropic Brown
Venetian Gold
Verde Labrador
Gold Category
Amarello Veneciano
Black Galaxy
Copper Silk
Giallo Vicenza
Giallo West
Gold Leaf
Ivory Brown
Madura Gold
Nero Absolute
Sageberry Green
Verde Jade
Verde Sao Francisco
Platinum Category
Antique Brown
Bianco Romano
Blue Butterfly
Blue Pearl
Cambrian Black
Crystal Sunset
Emerald Pearl
Golden Beach
Venatino Marble
Verde Marinace
Wine River
Platinum Plus Category
Alaska White
Amarello Palmeris
Aqua Grantique
Bianco Antico
Cambrian Cream
Colonial Treasure
Crema Persa
Geriba Beach
Golden Cayman
Golden Crystal
Ivory Coast
Juparana Crema Bordeaux
Juparana Gaivota
Mari Blue
Persian Brown
Red Dragon
White Fantasy
Yellow River
Exotic Category
Costa Esmeralda
Jurassic Black
Typhoon Bordeaux
Exotic Plus Category
Labrador Antique
Standard Edge Profiles(No Charge)
¼ Round
Custom Edge Profiles
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
3/8 Round
Split Polish
Rock Pitch

All quartz colors fall under one pricing category. This category is most often comparable in price to the silver category in granite but it can cost more or less. Layout of the kitchen and waste from cutting the slab are all factors that can affect the cost of this countertop. To view the available colors click here.

Here at M.G. Cabinets we offer Laminate from 5 different Manufacturers each with their own pricing structure for laminate finishes. Factors that influence the price of your laminate countertop include the size of the top, the edge profile, and finish type. The codes used below can be found behind the Laminate samples. Not all finishes can be applied to each color so please check with us for availability.

The Finishes below are given a number from 1 to 4 with
Level 1 Finishes being included in the price of the countertop
Levels 2, 3, and 4 carry an upcharge and the upcharge increases as the level increases


1 – Cashmere (CA)

2 – Diamond (DI)

3 – Luminous (LM)*

3 – Breccia (BC)

3 – Refined Matte (RM) 


1 – Matte (60)

1 – Fine Velvet (38)

2 – Crystal (90)

3 – Glossy (01)*

3 – Textured Gloss (07)*

3 – Quarry (52)*

4 – Mirage (35) [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish]

4 – Facet (45) [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish]

4 – Glaze (55) [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish] 


1 – Matte (T)

3 – Counter V (CV) 


1 – Suede (S)

2 – Crystal (J)

3 – StoneX (V) 


1 – Matte (58)

3 – Crystal (42)

3 – Etchings (46)*

3 – Honed (77)

3 – Radiance (RD)* 

Formica 180FX

4 – Etchings (46)* [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish]

4 – Honed (77) [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish]

4 – Radiance (RD)* [Wide bar tops carry an upcharge in this finish]

*Daily use is more evident on glossy surfaces. Abrasions and scratches will be more visible on these finishes than with textured or matte finishes. These markings are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as defects.

Darker laminate colors will show abrasions and telegraphing more so than lighter colors. Scratches on these materials, when due to daily use, are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and are not to be considered as defects in the laminate.

Price categories may change without notice