Green Products

No Added Urea Noremeldahyde (NAUF) Plywood and MDF

Recognizing the dangers incurred by the off gassing of Urea Formaldehyde which is found in many glues and adhesives, we have taken steps to ensure the quality of air for our employees, and most importantly the end users.

Although costs of these materials are slightly more than the lesser grade alternatives, we feel it provides for a safer environment for everyone. From our shop to the end user’s house or office, safety, air quality and the health of others was our first concern in this decision.

Kirea Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo is a highly recognized material that is very sustainable and extremely renewable. Bamboo can be integrated into all of our products as either an accent or as the main material. We have used it to create dovetail drawer boxes along with cabinet doors. Profiles and designs are not limited, as the material machines well and is very stable.

Integrate this environmentally friendly product into your next project.  Whether it is a commercial or residential application, Kirei Bamboo Plywood is sure to make a statement.  With its dense structure and diverse appearance, it can be applied virtually anywhere. Clean and beautiful design can be achieved using products that speak for themselves and for the environment.