Do you have a showroom in Winnipeg?
Currently we do not but we do have a showroom located in St. Malo, a short 40 minute drive south of the perimeter on Hwy 59 (Lagimodiere Blvd). Trust us it’s worth the drive!

What kind of warranty do I get with an M.G. Cabinets Kitchen?
We offer a limited 1 year warranty on all our new cabinets and any related cabinetry products. All products shall be free of defects in the materials and/or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of the original invoice while the cabinetry is used under normal residential usage. There is a lifetime exchange on all defective hinge and slide hardware. Click here for more information.

After the design process is finalized, how long will it be until i can enjoy my M.G. Cabinets Kitchen?
Delivery time, on average, is 3-4 weeks. This is due to the fact that everything at M.G. Cabinets is 100% custom made and sized to your specifications. No cookie cutter kitchens!

Does the flooring get installed before or after the cabinetry?
We prefer the flooring to be installed after the cabinetry. Our toe kicks are removable so your flooring installer will have no problems installing any floor you choose!

I want to use my existing flooring is that a problem?
Some problems might arise when using preexisting flooring. Please consult with one of our designers at M.G. Cabinets to see if this affects your kitchen layout.

Does M.G. Cabinets only make kitchens?
While kitchens are the bulk of what M.G. Cabinets fabricates, we also make vanities, wall units, china cabinets, bars, office workstations, millwork, entertainment units, store fixtures, reception counters, ready to assemble custom closets and specialty cabinets. Check out the Gallery for past projects.