Our Design Process

We understand that the “perfect” design is the one conceived and visualized by the customer, not us. It’s our job to utilize all of our resources and design tools to help you turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow to help you understand what to expect when you contact M.G. Cabinets for your design:


Call for an appointment

Drop-ins are welcome but it’s always best to call in advance to make sure one of our designers is on hand to help realize your dream kitchen. The numbers are 204-347-5532 or toll-free at 1-877-493-6172 or you could always send us an email, marc@mgcabinets.com or darrell@mgcabinets.com.


Come prepared


Free Consultation (1-2 hours)

  • Meet with the designer that will prepare your kitchen
  • We will discuss the sketches that you’ve brought, what types of cabinets you want in your kitchen(drawer banks, pantry, wine rack, etc), where each cabinet and appliance will be placed, and if you are storing any unusual items(mixer, very large pots, etc)
  • The wood species, door style, counter top type, type of drawer, crown and light moldings, stain color, handles, accessory hardware(lazy susan, pull out spice rack, cutlery trays, etc) will be chosen at this time



  • Once everything is chosen our designer will layout your kitchen on 3D CAD software, typically this will take 1 week
  • 3D, plan(top view) and elevation(front view) drawings will be printed and details will be discussed with you. Any changes to the original drawings will take approximately 1 day.
  • If no more changes are required a quote will be provided typically within 5 to 7 days.



  • Upon quote approval, a deposit of 50% of the total is required
  • A contract is signed stating that any changes made after the approval of the quote are subject to extra costs not included in the quoted price
  • All appliance dimensions are required at this point to finalize cabinet dimensions to make sure everything will fit like a glove
  • A one week grace period after the quote approval will be given for the selection of handles and countertops


Final Site Measure

  • Before your project can begin fabrication a final site measure is required. One of our professionals will go on site and obtain precise measurements from the actual framing of your house. This ensures your kitchen is an exact fit
  • Once final measurements are received the kitchen is ready to go into fabrication and an estimated delivery and install date will be established based upon our project schedule and your renovation schedule



  • We take pride in our work at MG Cabinets, which is why your kitchen will be cut using ultra precise CNC machinery using only the highest quality cutting tools and materials.
  • All of our residential cabinets are made using sturdy 5/8 inch thick melamine or plywood including the back of the cabinet(many shops use 1/4 inch thick or even 1/8 inch thick backs), this makes the cabinet exceptionally strong
  • Only the highest quality hardware will be used in your MG Cabinets kitchen, most of which comes with a lifetime warranty



  • The remaining cost balance is due upon delivery of your cabinets
  • Provide a free and clear access to the work area(kitchen, bathrooms, etc). The appliances must be removed from the room
  • Arrangements to be made to have access to enter the home is required on the day of delivery


Preparing for installation

  • The old cabinets should be removed prior to the arrival of the new cabinets
  • If we are removing the existing cabinets then all the contents in the cabinets and on the countertops must be removed before the installer arrives
  • If the flooring is being replaced the old floor must be removed and only the new or existing subfloor must remain before cabinet installation. The new floor should not be installed before the installation of your new cabinets. This prevents possible dings or scuff marks on your new floor
  • Modifications to plumbing and electrical lines must be completed before cabinets are installed. Existing plumbing should be capped at 4-5 inches from the wall
  • Wall repair and ceiling repair should be completed before the cabinet installation and the walls must be atleast primed and ready for paint
  • There should be adequate space for the installer to set up a table saw in the house/garage. Particularly in winter or in rainy weather



  • Our installer will begin by setting up his work area(saws, benches, etc) and will start preparing the cabinets for installation
  • The cabinets will be installed, shelves put in, doors and drawers adjusted, handles drilled and installed, crown molding secured, toe kicks cut to size and put in place and if a post-form top is selected then that will be installed also. This process can take up to 2 days depending on the size of the kitchen. Large projects with multiple rooms may require more time.
  • If a granite or quartz top is selected, after the cabinets are fully installed the kitchen is then templated. Once templated, generally, countertops are delivered within 3 weeks
  • Our installer treats your home like it is their home and will take every precaution to not ding or scuff walls or existing flooring during the installation of your new cabinets and will make sure to clean up the workspace once the install is completed


Project Completion

Enjoy your beautiful, new M.G. Cabinets Kitchen! 😀